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Solidarity with Zimbabwe Trade Unionists

Zimbabwe Mosaic

Show your support for Lovemore Matombo and Wellington Chibebe, the President and General Secretary of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). They were arrested on 8 May for speaking out about the state-sponsored violence in Zimbabwe – or as Robert Mugabe’s government put it “spreading falsehoods prejudicial to the State”.

Lovemore and Wellington are due to appear in court on 30 July, to defend themselves against these charges. The mosaic of Lovemore and Wellington on Union Island is made up from the pictures of over 2,000 trade unionists from around the world, who have come together to make this public demonstration of support for the ZCTU leaders and all unionists in Zimbabwe.

Please take a moment to add your voice to this growing tide of support for these brave trade unionists at

Thanks for the wishes

Thanks everyone who signed the Tanabata wish campaign action we’ve had running on Union Island up to the G8 summit in Hokkaido Japan last week. We’ve now removed it from the island as the petition has been presented to G8 leaders. Read more »

Teeny tiny Tanabata

Tanabata miniDo you have some land in SL? A little place you call your own, that could do with a pot plant to brighten it up? Well, help is at hand in the form of our new baby Tanabata tree. This dinky little potted bamboo is part of a Japanese tradition practiced every July, where people tie up their wishes for the year ahead.

This year the festival of Tanabata coincides with Japan hosting the G8, so this tree is a campaign action. As more people sign the Global Call to Action Against Poverty’s wish petition, their wishes will be beamed by the magic of XML (scripted by QA Computing’s prodigiously talented David Boelke) onto your Tanabata tree. Read more »

Second Life for Zimbabwe

Amidst the growing violence and intimidation in the run-up to the Zimbabwean election, the leaders of Zimbabwe’s union movement, Lovemore Matombo and Wellington Chibebe have been arrested for speaking out about the situation, and are being tried on Monday 23 June. Read more »

The final frontier?

Unison logoNice article from Union Island partner union Unison, who have written a round-up of new web techniques being used by unions around the UK and in other countries. You can read “Cyberspace – the final frontier” at the Unison site here.

Also for our Japanese readers, here’s an article on our Tanabata action from Japanese SL news service The Second Times.

What’s your wish for the G8?

Tanabata tree in SL

Tanabata is an old Japanese custom practiced on 7 July each year. You think of your wishes for the coming year, and tie them to a bamboo, sharing them with everyone else. This year Tanabata time coincides with the G8 Summit in Japan, and Global Call for Action Against Poverty (the campaign formerly known as Make Poverty History) is inviting people to submit their wishes for the G8, to be formed into a petition to the Japanese Prime Minister, as the summit opens. You can now take part in Second Life™ too. We’ve put a Tanabata tree on Union Island, and just so you don’t miss it, we’ve made it a BIG one.
Read more »

Press release: Tie the G8 to a virtual promise

Unions and campaign organisations under the banner of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty are using the campaign power of the web and virtual world Second Life™ to call on the leaders of the G8 to meet their promises to fight poverty and inequality. Read more »

User Group meeting for June

Tonight (or this afternoon – or tomorrow morning, depending on where you are) is the June meeting for the Union Island User Group. Read more »

Take action against poverty and inequality

Read more »

Who’s been on Union Island?

Terrance Dicks

A great evening last night thanks to science fiction author Terrance Dicks, who came by Union Island to launch his new book “Revenge of the Judoon”. It’s an original Doctor Who novel, in the union-backed Quick Reads series, aimed at helping more people in the UK to start to enjoy reading for pleasure. Read more »

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