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WDDW on Union Island – UNI Global Union


Some pics just back from the developer :) of the UNI mobilisation for World Day for Decent Work. Read more »

WDDW on Union Island – War On Want

Dave Tucker

Transcript of a discussion on unions and NGOs campaigning for Decent Work as a route out of poverty, Dave Tucker (DaveWoW Muggins), Campaigner for War On Want. Read more »

WDDW on Union Island – Dalit Solidarity Network

Meena Varma

Transcript of a discussion on Decent Work for casteless people with Meena Varma (Meena Turbo), Director of the Dalit Solidarity Network. Read more »

World Day for Decent Work events – 7 Oct

WDDW is tomorrow, and we’ve lined up a programme of events to mark the day (we’re still tieing down details of a couple of events, but here are some to be starting with):

At 12:00 GMT (4am SLT), we’re talking with Meena Varma of Dalit Solidarity Network. She’ll be  telling about the situation for the world’s ‘casteless’ people, and how discrimination in employment perpetuates the injustice of ‘untouchability’.

At 13:00 GMT (5am SLT), Dave Tucker of War on Want will be talking to our Union Island User Group meeting about decent work and poverty, and how NGOs and union need to focus their campaigning.

At 14:00 GMT (6am SLT), UNI Global Union staff and supporters will be taking the message of World Day for Decent Work out to Second Life. Take a trip with them and meet unionists from all around the world.

And don’t forget to visit to get listings of real world events in your country. Things are happening all over the place tomorrow, in SL and RL, so make sure to be a part of it. See you there!

World Day for Decent Work takes shape


Come along to Union Island to pick up your World Day for Decent Work freebies, to get kitted out for the big day. You’ll find the new World Day for Decent Work space, where we’ll be holding events on 7 October, in Exhibition Plaza. Read more »

Can you help us for Decent Work Day?

Looking for helpers for October 7th, World Day for Decent Work

UNI, together with the international labour movement are running an Action Day for Decent Work on October 7th.
Half of the world’s 2.8 billion workers live on less than 2 USD a day. People should have the right to bargain for wages and working conditions!
We will be wearing sandwich banners on our avatars and passing on note cards in Second Life on October 7th.

***Could you help join us and spread the word?***
Meet us in SL, on Union Island, October 1st from 10 AM to 12 AM SLT – SL Time (6-7 PM London UK time)
and October 2nd from 5 AM to 7 AM SLT (1-3 PM London UK time)
…so we can give you the equipment!
And join us then, October 7th from 6 AM to 8 AM SLT (2-4 PM London UK time) to meet on Union Island and then head off to distribute note cards everywhere!
More information? Contact “UNIglobalunion Oh” in SL or check

Union Island comes to the TUC

TUC Congress guideIt’s the UK union movement’s annual convention this week, in Brighton on the UK’s south coast. TUC Congress is the policy making body for the Trade Union Congress, and sets the priorities for the union movement’s work over the coming year.

This year, there’s a focus on online organising, with a fringe meeting on Web 2.0 and unions, promotions for new communities for different groups of union stakeholders (including Union Island), and a makeover for the Congress Guide – the magazine format programme of business that all attendees use.

We were able to stage a little photoshoot on Union Plaza. The buildings designed for us by Matthaios Aquacade of Citrus Virtual make a very nice backdrop, but the stars are some of our users – Many thanks to our glamorous models for helping out!



On October 7 2008 the while trade union movement is organising a World Day for Decent Work, through the ITUC. Unions and organisations campaigning for Decent Work all around the world will run events involving a large number of people and a wide range of activities. Look out for activities coming to Second Life too, through Union Island. Read more »

An employer’s take on labour standards in SL/RL

Here’s an SL PR video that Draxtor Despres made for the multi-national employment agency Manpower, about business use of virtual worlds (thanks to Draxtor for sharing with us). Manpower are a signatory company to the UN Global Compact, a voluntary framework for businesses to measure themselves against a set of minimum standards of decent corporate behaviour internationally, and the video “The Power of Collaboration” discusses issues around corporate social responsibility in the real world and in SL, from Manpower’s perspective.

August User Group meetup

August User Group

Many thanks to everyone who came by today for the User Group meeting – especially those US colleagues who had to get up pretty early to catch the rest of us Europeans. Read more »

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