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SLLU event at HRF tomorrow

Union Island users will no doubt be interested in loads of the events planned for HRF – the Second Life Human Rights Festival that starts tomorrow, and you can find more information at

If you’re around, you might like to go to an event organised by SLLU (Second Life Left Unity) at their Unity Station headquarters. Exhibitions, discussion and a live gig from Russell Eponym should make for an interesting time. 2pm SLT (10pm GMT, 11pm CET) Wednesday 10 December.

The festival starts tomorrow!

The 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Universal Rights is being celebrated by a huge festival in Second Life, stating tomorrow, 10 Dec. More than 60 concerts over 6 days mark the 60 years and the talents of 100 artists and musicians are part of the celebration. More than 30 sims reflect the 30 articles of the UN Convention.

The festival is the first time a themed programme of events on this scale in Second Life has aimed at raising real life issues. It draws on the talents of artists, musicians and campaigners from many different countries including Argentina, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Some of SL’s best known musicians and artists are contributing to the festival, and there will be be talks, poetry slams and stand up comedy. Read more »

Second Life Human Rights Festival: Coming soon!


Union Island is going to be taking part in a huge, six day cross-SL festival to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of Second Life’s leading musicians are coming together with human rights activists and organisations to stage dozens of special events, raising awareness, forming international links and having fun.

Please come by Union Island on 15 December at 8am SLT (4pm GMT, 5pm CET), when we’ll be discussing labour rights and human rights, with Philip Jennings, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, Zuzanna Gorska, socio-political issues expert for Solidarnosc (The Polish union federation Solidarity), and other unionists from around the world. Read more »

Labour photo of the year


2008 saw the first LabourStart Labour Photo of the Year Contest.

This was a judged and voted competition.

First, photos entered in the contest were posted on Flickr.  A panel of three distinguished trade union photographers then whittled it down from 101 entries to 5 finalists.

The winners were then selected by a vote open to anyone on the LabourStart mailing list. Almost 3,000 LabourStart readers from around the world voted on the site and judged the photo “Trade Unions are Fun!” taken by Robert Day from the UK the winner

All the finalists photos plus a selection of entries are being exhibited on union island, you can view even more entries at the Flickr competition website

New communities, new opportunities

Another great video from Draxtor Despres in his Public Good Challenge series. University of Southern California have been exploring how virtual worlds can build new forms of community both on- and offline, and how the new networks open up new possibilities for promoting the public good. Their challenge to the SL community to come up with projects that address these issues has now selected 3 finalists, who Draxtor reviews in this short machinima.

If paramedics could teleport

New World Notes has an interesting write-up of University of London’s paramedic training program in Second Life. The University, in partnership with a London hospital, are devising emergency scenarios for distance-learning participants to teleport into, to roleplay out their learning. Read more »

Homo Sapiens V2.0

The Rings

“The Rings: Homo Sapiens V2.0″ is a virtual protest-rock-opera, currently being staged in Second Life. I went to check it out on Friday, and left suitably impressed by the huge amount of work that has obviously gone into this project. Musicians, builders and performers from all over the world have come together under the banner of the Cybernetic Art Research Project (C.A.R.P) for this exploration of some of our world’s most pressing social issues: poverty, homelessness, war and environmental degredation, through a series of spectacularly illustrated musical tableaux. Read more »

What can Second Life do for Unions?

As 180 youth members (that’s <35 years old!) of the trade union movement meet in Barcelona for a UNI conference next week, there will be an emphasis on web 2.0 tools.

An opportunity to visit Union Island in Second Life, and explore the possibile use participants may see in a world of action, conference space and free translations. 20 computers will give 60 of them the chance to spend 1 hour moving around and meeting people from 12:30-13:30 CET. Come join us and show them around your own favourite SL places! Help them find inspiration for their reports back to the conference on how they think unions should use SL to their advantage!

For more information, contact “uniglobalunion oh” or “barillo kohnke” In World.

LabourStart Labour Photo of the Year 2008

LabourStart photos

The first ever LabourStart Labour Photo of the Year contest is open for voting. The judging panel have whittled down the many entries into just 5 contenders. Come check out the finalists in Reception on Union Island, where you can cast a vote for your favourite.

The winner and a selection of other entries will be coming back to Union Island later this year, as part of a larger photo exhibition in our Gallery, so keep an eye out for that – there were some fantastic entries this year, that really deserve a wider showing.

Get introduced to Union Island

We’re starting a series of introduction sessions on Union Island, to help show people what the project is and explain why we’re doing it, and what you can do on the island. The first sessions will be in English, running on the second Wednesday of every month at 1pm GMT (5am SLT), but we hope to be able to broaden this out soon into French, Italian and maybe Spanish if there is demand. Let us know what you think! First session today – feel free to drop in any time between 1pm and 2pm GMT to catch Island admins in their natural habitat.

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