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So long and thanks for all the solidarity

Some not so great news today I’m afraid. Union Island is vanishing from the SL map.

We’ve had it running for 2 years now and learned a lot from the many excellent people we’ve met inside SL, and the good work many have been doing here. But the coalition style project for Union Island never really came off properly – all the organisations involved were too busy and short of resources to devote enough time to sharing the running of events, or just being in to chat to visitors, and so we’ve taken the decision that it’s better to close down the island than to have an inactive space, which may raise people’s expectations and disappoint.

You’ll still be able to find the union organisations involved on the web:,,,,

There are loads of places to go for continued action in SL, as most of you will probably know: SLLU, Imagine Network, SLDM, Commonwealth Islands, Nonprofit Commons and more. Check them out and give them your support if you can.

Thanks go to all the residents who’ve helped us with the island over these 2 years – a list too long to detail, but without whom, the island would have been less fun, less interactive, less noisy and less beautiful. We’ve had a very interesting time, and many of the people involved are still about as Avies to chat if you want us. Try getting hold of Uniglobalunion Oh, Wotcher Tenk, Johninnit Ni, or Unionisland Republic.

Best wishes and solidarity, virtual-world and real-world.

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