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User Group update – aaaarghh!

Okay, maybe this is an April fool after all… We line up a meeting for 12 noon SLT, the exact time the Lindens start releasing the new Havoc version. And everything gets borked. No tps, logins, whatever, and definitely no user group meeting. If you make it in, good luck! I’ll sit out the problem if anyone wants to meet when it’s fixed. If not, thanks very much for trying to make it, and sorry for the c*ck up.

UPDATE 1pm SLT: Well, I’m back in now (sort of), and the tumbleweed is blowing through SL until everyone else can get in too. If you’re about still, have a go at logging in and come by for a bit. Sorry again though for the horrendous foul up (for once not my fault!)

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