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May Day past and present

We’re happy to announce we’re going to be joined for Union Island’ May 1 celebrations by members of the Second Life™ activist group Second Life Left Unity, who will be leading an exploration of the history and continuing relevance of May Day – International Workers’ Day. Come to a short presentation by SLLU’s Forelle Broek on the struggle for decent work and the eight-hour day and the infamous Chicago Haymarket incident, and how they still have echoes around the world to this day.

The event will be at 10am SLT (6pm GMT), in the Union Island theatre, and you can find out about this and other events on the day on our events page. With nine very different events being run by different groups and organisations throughout the day (and hopefully a few more still to be announced), it’s shaping up to be a great programme – hope you can make it!

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