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User Group report

User Group second session

Many thanks to everyone who came along to our first ever User Group meetings. 13 avatars came by to discuss the project and how we should develop it (here are snaps of most of them), and we got some really great ideas on things like better engagement with German speakers, viral freebies to raise awareness of the project, working with labor/business departments of universities in SL, and low-key codes of conduct to help us deal more consistently with people who flaunt them. Speaking of which, we even had our first spot of minor griefing, which is another milestone of sorts! ;)

We staggered it to let people from different time zones chip in, though I think one important lesson was that the times weren’t very good for most Americans, and we need a better outpost in a time zone that overlaps with US leisure time. Anyway, a promising and enthusiastic start and we hope we can build on that for future User Group meetings as our group is growing by the day (search in SL under the groups tag if you’d like to join).

User Group first session

Here’s Annette’s take on it from her blog, ASM.

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