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New project partners: RSU IBM Vimercate

Barillo Kohnke

We’re happy to announce another partner organisation have joined the Union Island project. Rappresentanza Sindacale Unitaria IBM Vimercate (or RSU IBM Vimercate to their friends) represent workers at IBM in Italy, and if that sounds familiar, it’s because they are something of Second Life union pioneers, having co-ordinated a very successful in-world protest in September 2007, as part of a campaign to resume suspended negotiations over a pay cut for IBM Italy staff.

Avatar Barillo Kohnke (pictured above) will be blogging for RSU IBM Vimercate on, so watch out for him here. IBM are working at the cutting edge of the use of virtual worlds in business, so getting the perspectives of the RSU colleagues will be really exciting. Ciao Barillo!

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