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Who owns Union Island?

Union Island is managed by a loose coalition of organisations representing unions around the world. We think it’s better to build one core community for trades unionists, rather than have them scattered amongst different sites for different organisations – it will make for a better networking experience for our users and help us to learn from each others’ valuable different perspectives.

You can see a list of our partner organisations here. We hope the list of partners will grow as the island’s community grows, and we are already talking to other organisations in the international union family about coming on board with their own campaigns and events.

There is a steering group comprising people from all these organisations. We also plan to give voice to our users and union members in how the island is run, through the Union Island User Group, which is open to any individual to join.

If you want to join up, just search for the Union Island User Group from within Second Life – we look forward to seeing you.

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